Keep Your Concrete Intact

Hire us for concrete repair services in Bloomfield, NJ

Winters in New Jersey can be cold and icy. The quick temperature drop can cause concrete to crack or chip. If you want to protect the integrity of your concrete surfaces, get in touch with the concrete repair team at DiBello Waterproofing & Masonry. We can seal cracks and pour fresh concrete on residential and commercial properties in Bloomfield, NJ.
If you want to schedule our concrete pouring or repair services, dial 973-985-0048 now.

What else can we do for you?

Concrete repairs aren't just necessary in the winter. Reach out to us if you need fresh new concrete for your:

Parking lot
Garage floor

We have the necessary training and equipment to get the job done right, so trust us for your concrete pouring and repair needs. Contact us now to get started.